24 Apr 2007

Bin the Bomb!

London Bridge Business Improvement District shares an office with Potters Fields Trust. Their website has these moving sentiments :

we want to ensure that the standards of cleanliness experienced by employees, visitors and residents will be comparable to the very best London business districts (such as the City of London), with zero tolerance given to street rubbish..

I emailed these photos to More London (we have agents disguised as PolicePersons; you can tell them by ripping off their shoes to reveal their webbed feet; try it, you'll win a prize). Less is More, so no reply, but a few days later More's bins had gone and a little bird told me that terrorism was one of More's motives to bin the bins. Well I know I can be cawstic, but... Anyhoot (geddit) I expect the terrorists are deterrred by the long climb from Queen's Walk to the vast herds of bins in Potters Fields. And even if they survived the climb, there's no space left to bin the bomb.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

A walk down to the very much improved Potters Field on a Sunday particularly the one after the Marathon is like taking a wade through a sea of rubbish. It’s a shameful disgrace that tourists visiting a ‘world heritage site’ have to weave through these acres of junk left from the Saturday night before! Walk past the More London offices and it’s spotless. Come on Ken this area should be an example of what’s best about London. Locals use the park over the weekend, particularly Sunday and this seems to be the only day of the week that the area is not cleaned. Lets spend some of the money generated by all these new offices on 24/7 cleaning and then we can all enjoy this great area!