24 Apr 2007


Potters Fields Trust has applied to Southwark for a public entertainment and alcohol license. It's for up to 5,000 people, for any sort of concert, boxing, wrestling, bearbaiting, adult entertainment, infantile entertainment, political demonstrations (I kid you not), Special Olympics Head-Trampolining. You name it, they can do it. They didn't waste their money with Stephen Cornford, PFT's Panjandrum. So mild, so respectable, so English, so honourable. I trust him. So what's to squawk about?
Well, as ChairAvian of the Residents' Association I attended a Southwark Licensing Committee informal conciliation meeting. Naturally the meeting was held in a small room in council offices in Walworth, 3 hours waddle from Potters Fields. Naturally it was at 10am when I should be fishing whereas the applicants and their experts were all being paid (by me in the case of the GLA. You think cormorants don't pay tax?). Naturally the only late arrivals were the private events company travelling from Bermondsey Street. Anyhoot alongside the avuncular, Trustworthy Mr Cornford of Potters Fields Trust was a handsome nu-Labourish young man in £100 jeans and a smart jacket who is I think some kind of aide to Ken Livingstone. There was a political air about him, but 2 things made my feathers sparkle with static. First he said the GLA views Potters Fields like Trafalgar Square. Second he sought to erase the decibel limits wanted by Southwark's Noise Czar (pbuh) by appointing a firm of consultants to report back after a year. Ye gods! Make a noise, ask someone to stand in Shad Thames, did you hear it? No, fine. Yes, turn it down. Call me a suspicious old bird, but I think the Mayor wants to use Potters Fields for his own propaganda and his favoured causes, which used to be the IRA and now embrace Islamism. Mayor of LondON, we are LondONErs, who dreams this stuff up ? Probably someone in £100 jeans.

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