21 May 2007

A Giant Step for Shagkind

I missed the Grand Opening of Potters Fields. I was in Iceland to discuss NATO business with our allies, the Killer Whales. You will enjoy a courtesy visit by a Killer flotilla in the Thames later this summer. I invited them over to intimidate the Mayor of LondON and to snack on the swans, gulls, grebes, coots and other oily-feathered riffraff.

I also had an exchange of views with the Icelandic Minister for Elvish Matters whose portfolio includes Giants, Trolls and the routing of roads not to disturb the Huldufolk, the Hidden People. In Reykjavik a Giant with a grudge against cars was on the rampage as you can see from the snap. Makes the Congestion Charge look effete, nest-ce pas?

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